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Who is Kingpin X?


Kingpin X is an artist that has a sound like no other. He derives his musical Influences from artists like Kendrick Lamar, Rakim, Wale, and many others. X's name is broken into 3 parts. The K is for King. He believes that everyone was born into royalty and he shows that through this part of his name. The P is for Pin but also "Pen" for penmanship as a poet and a writer. The X is for distinctiveness and his power of being unique.  He makes music because he has a love and a passion that no one can match. X had a brother that passed away years ago and he loved rap music but was raised in a Christian household so after he passed away, X wanted to make music that his brother could listen to. His lyrics are powerful and clean. You would think that with the aggressive tone that he projects that there is bound to be profanity flying around somewhere in his songs, but negative. Kingpin X's songs are all clean!!!



Kingpin X derives from the community.

X wants to change the mindsets of his listeners for a better change in their communities and for the others around them. But he also grabs attention with a head-banging beat and hard rap lyrics that are all clean that can make anyone tap their feet.



Kingpin X wants to shed light on things that are in Rap Music that affects us all on the daily basis in a negative way. This can be changed by putting these things at the forefront of things that are in our faces on a daily bases KPX is going to go down in history for changing the way "Rap Music" is perceived. 

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