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Kingpin X

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Born as Matthew Etienne out of the east side of Tacoma Washington, Kingpin X is a pioneer of his community. You can't say Eastside without Matthew (Kingpin X). X Derives his influence from old-school hip hop and integrates the old-school bars with new-school flows, with an aggressive tone, but not a lick of profanity to deliver a message or to get your feet moving. His name KingPin X which means Royalty Penmanship and X for uniqueness.

“KPX is a multi-faceted Artist. He is not limited to just rapping or just playing live instruments, he can do both. He has a great command of the microphone when delivering his songs and is a captivating Artist when you see him live. Without doubt he is at the forefront of the elevation of Artists as we move beyond just being able to do 1 thing great, he can do it ALL! I'm inspired by him and I'm sure the rest of the world will be too! Jace- Black Stax"

Alexa Young, CA

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